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Can I Tell You Something

Imagine a child who is being abused, but doesn’t know how to describe it, or understand what he/she is being subjected to. A vast majority of children never open up about sexual abuse, thinking it was their fault or realize only too late that what was happening to them was abuse. Most people tend to dismiss sexual abuse incidents as random occurrences, which are not necessarily indicative of the society at large.

‘Can I Tell You Something’ is a collection of short stories written to inform children, parents, caregivers, and educators about the impact of abuse and violence on children, and make them aware of the laws against child abuse in various contexts and settings through simple, illustrated stories. The book is available on Amazon, and is shipped across India.

Stories of Resilience

Many children experience traumatic life events. Protsahan works with children facing the trauma of sexual violence, lack of education, lack of compassion, lack of resources to even have two square meals a day, leave alone resources that are needed for a child to thrive. In this book, Protsahan’s dear friend and world renowned author Ramendra Kumar has weaved real stories of Protsahan girls to show us that we all have the capacity to heal and lead truly meaningful lives.

‘Stories of Resilience’ brings to life stories of children from difficult backgrounds, who offer an incredible message of encouragement and hope to all readers. Children who have healed themselves and one another from the deepest personal injuries of child rapes, sexual violence, child marriage, intergenerational poverty and patriarchy.

Child Abuse Awareness Kit

The fight against child abuse is a long one, and it needs all available resources. While children must be taught how to spot, report, and prevent being abused, parents must remain vigilant as well to ward off any threat of abuse to their children. In order to ensure that children report such matters, parents and teachers must also help create an environment where the children feel safe in sharing freely with them.

“Taking the first step in talking to children can be difficult for some parents in the absence of a reliable source of information.”

It is often seen that taking the first step in this direction can be difficult for some parents in the absence of a reliable source of information to share with the child. Here is an assortment of free downloads for any one who needs help with child abuse, needs to talk to someone about abuse, share it with someone in need, or help a child in need.

These materials have been gathered after careful curation of information from various trusted sources, and is here to empower you with essential knowledge and help you in this fight against Child Abuse in a concise manner.

Protsahan India Foundation
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Psychosocial Support For Children During COVID-19

Psychosocial Support For Children

It is natural for children to feel stress, anxiety, grief, and worry during an ongoing pandemic like COVID-19. Fear and anxiety about their own health and the health of loved ones can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. Children also access different kinds of information and news through social media and digital platforms, some of them may not be factually true, causing further stress and anxiety. It is enhanced when children are not able to go out, play, attend school or interact freely. For those children and families who are subjected to quarantine or isolation there may be an increased risk of violence and abuse. When stress levels go up for adults and children, there is a greater risk of gender based violence and other forms of violence against children.

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Internet Privacy & Safety

As children become more and more reliant on technology for their education, it is important that they understand the need for Internet Privacy & Safety. This book, #SafeWeb4Kids, has been developed in partnership with CRC Asia, UNICEF, PLAN International, and Save The Children. The Hindi version of this book, translated and produced by Protsahan is also available for free download so that every child has access to important information with respect to their privacy & safety in the online world.

Understanding Child Protection: Innovative Toolkit for Educators & Institutions

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