Awareness Kit

The fight against child abuse is a long one, and it needs all available resources. While children must be taught how to spot, report, and prevent being abused, parents must remain vigilant as well to ward off any threat of abuse to their children. In order to ensure that children report such matters, parents and teachers must also help create an environment where the children feel safe in sharing freely with them.

However, it is often seen that taking the first step in this direction can be difficult for some parents in the absence of a reliable source of information to share with the child. Here is an assortment of free downloads for any one who needs help with child abuse, needs to talk to someone about abuse, share it with someone in need, or help a child in need.

These materials have been gathered after careful curation of information from various trusted sources, and is here to empower you with essential knowledge and help you in this fight against Child Abuse in a concise manner.

Spot Abuse
How To Talk To Your Child
Talk to your child
Handling Disclosures
Myths About CSA
Understanding POCSO
Spotting Pedophiles
Understanding Pedophiles