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27 Jun: प्रवासी किशोरियों के लिए डिजिटल सशक्तिकरण: Migrant Slums में टेक्नोलॉजी क्रांति

आज के दौर में इंटरनेट संचार और सूचना प्राप्ति का एक शक्तिशाली उपकरण बन गया है। मगर यह सभी नागरिकों के पास सामान्य तौर पर उपलब्ध नहीं है। संयुक्त राष्ट्र बाल कोष (यूनिसेफ) द्वारा 27 अप्रैल 2023 को जारी रिपोर्ट “ब्रिजिंग द जेंडर डिजिटल डिवाइड” में दर्शाया गया है कि भारत में 100 लड़कों के मुकाबले केवल 61 लड़कियों के पास ही इंटरनेट की सुविधा उपलब्ध है।

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10 Apr: नए शहर में प्रशिक्षण का अनुभव, अज़ीम प्रेमजी यूनिवर्सिटी में युवाओं के संग

हाल ही में हमें बैंगलोर में अज़ीम प्रेमजी यूनिवर्सिटी में प्रशिक्षण के लिए प्रोत्साहन इंडिया फाउंडेशन से चयनित किया गया। इसमें हम – माला, सुधा, और अंजलि – युथ पीयर लीडर्स हिस्सा बने| इस प्रशिक्षण का हिस्सा बनने के लिए और नई चीज़ें सीखने के लिए हम बहुत उत्सुक थे, क्योंकि पहली बार हम अपने शहर से दूर बैंगलोर जा रहे थे।

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17 Mar: A Feminist Approach to Healing Childhood Trauma

Since 2010, Protsahan crisis intervention officers and child protection officers, have deeply understood from direct on-ground evidence of working with children facing child rights violations of abuse, violence and neglect within families and communities they live in, that childhood trauma can have lasting effects on an individual’s mental and emotional well-being. It can manifest in various forms such as anxiety,…

09 Mar: Healing Childhood Trauma Using Arts and System Linkages

Childhood trauma is a pervasive problem in India. According to a study by the National Crime Records Bureau, there were over 50,935 child abuse cases were registered in 2021 — with more than one-fourth (13,089) of the cases registered in South India — under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, which aims to protect juveniles from sexual…

21 Feb: Role of Arts in Gender Transformative Education

Gender transformative education (GTE) is an approach that aims to address and challenge the rigid gender norms and stereotypes that often lead to discrimination and violence. The GTE promotes gender equality and inclusivity by providing individuals with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to question and transform these norms. Art therapy can be an effective tool in the GTE process, as…

Mr. Vipul Yash, Child Care Services, Protsahan India Foundation, conducting the session on child-friendly procedures during the prosecution of POCSO survivors
22 Dec: State-Level Consultation on Implementation of POCSO Act 2012

Author: Vipul Yash On 26-27 November 2022, Protsahan India Foundation was invited by the Hon’ble Guwahati High Court to the “State Level Consultation on Implementation of the POCSO Act, 2012” for the States of Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram & Arunachal Pradesh. The Juvenile Justice Committee of Hon’ble Guwahati High Court organised this consultation in collaboration with the Department of Women and…

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22 Dec: Digital Storytelling as a Tool for Effective Advocacy

Author: Apeksha Yadav “A story is what we want it to be ”  Digital storytelling is a participatory practice wherein individuals engage in activities through different art forms such as cinema, photography, and filmmaking. The idea is to empower people by creating spaces for self-reflection, healing, and critical consciousness. It is essential to capture the imagination as it signifies the…

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07 Sep: STORIES OF RESILIENCE by Ramendra Kumar

Author: Dr Murthy & Ms Radha Murthy Title- Book Review: Stories Of Resilience by Ramendra Kumar, published by Protsahan India Foundation Child abuse, more technically called, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) has come into greater focus of mental health professionals in the last one decade. Though childhood was recognized as important for centuries, the recent evidence of the biological impact of…

05 Jul: Will COVID-19 Third Wave Be More Dangerous for India’s Children?

Author: Sanhati Banerjee By Sanhati Banerjee for Protsahan India Foundation As the nation continues to grapple with the deadly coronavirus second wave amid vaccination drives, it has left a devastating toll on human lives and minds. Perhaps, the worst part of the unfolding tragedy has been its impact on vulnerable populations including children, who are neither physically nor mentally disposed…

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03 Jun: Immersive Analysis of the India’s Children’s Budget 2021: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Author: Sanhati Banerjee India’s Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the much anticipated 2021-22 Union Budget on February 1, 2021. The Budget saw the government making a big push in the infrastructure front with big-ticket projects announced in roads, highways and metro and rail projects especially in poll-bound states. Experts were clamoring for big government spending in key sectors like infrastructure…

03 Jun: A Case for Gender-responsive and Child-responsive Budgeting in India

Author: Sanhati Banerjee UNICEF DATA: INDIA’S CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS IN NUMBERS Every day 67,385 babies are born in India, that’s one sixth of the world’s child births. Every minute one of these newborns dies. Statistics reflect community attitudes with fewer hospital admissions for girls than boys. In 2017 alone 150,000 fewer girls were admitted to SNCUs than boys. Under-five mortality…

19 May: How To Talk To Your Kids About Sexual Abuse

Parenting today is not just about sending children to school with a healthy tiffin, ensuring their homework is complete, and they excel in sports so that they have a shot at the best colleges in a reputed university. It is a far more complex task than it used to be, because parents also have to prepare their children against any…

13 Apr: Breaking Free From ‘Prejudices’ With Education

An educated girl has direction, she has hope. She will become a mentor to other girls, she will CHANGE THE WORLD. My second week of internship at Protsahan India Foundation opened new doors and issues, especially those related to the education of girls. Among the hustle and bustle of the city, and the cobwebs of our society we fail to…

10 Mar: Acknowledging the ‘Child’ in Child Marriage #GirlsNotBrides

Pune, June,2014 : In keeping with Protsahan’s aim of providing a safe and empathetic environment where issues that affect adolescent girls in urban slums are openly addressed, Protsahan’s Pune chapter kick started a series of workshops addressing child marriage on 29th June. In the interactive session, students confronted big questions about the ethics and effects of child marriage. They found…

06 Jun: The Lessons for a Volunteer at Protsahan

“Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” ~ Martin…

06 Jun: Exploring the Science of Expressive Art Therapy at VIMHANS

In times of increasing need for varied therapeutic approaches for varied populations, team Protsahan had the honour to visit, experience and understand the multimodal services and integration of holistic and innovative practices in existing treatment provided by VIMHANS hospital in the area of mental health through Expressive Arts Therapy. The two day visit was informative and helpful for us to…

28 May: Menstrual Hygiene Management Challenges Faced By Girls

Though there are many communities in which menarche, i.e. the first time a girl menstruates, is marked as an occasion of celebration, the hypocrisy is that at the same time the girls are not allowed to enter the temples, or kitchens as they are considered ‘dirty’. I am 15-years-old and I already find it outrageous how several people are invited…

28 May: Challenging Stigmas Around Menstruation Through Art

World Menstrual Hygiene Day – 28 May, 2019 28th May is celebrated as the World Menstrual Hygiene Day and the theme for 2019 being- ‘It’s Time for Action’. Network for Enterprise Enhancement and Development Support (NEEDS) introduced one of its kind innovation to take discussions around menstrual hygiene to the last miles and that is through visual art. This year…

28 May: Menstrual Hygiene Day: Providing Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Infrastructure in Schools

In the age of smart phones, internet, same sex marriages and globalization, menstruation is still a taboo is many parts of India and the world. Be it a village, city, town or an upscale posh community, this natural phenomenon is often discussed in hushed tones. ‘Don’t wear white!’ ‘Menstruation is a disease!’ ‘Are you crazy? You’re not supposed to tell…

29 Jan: POCSO Series Part 1: Decoding The POCSO Act 2012

It’s been more than a decade since the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India released a survey report on child abuse in India. During this period, there have been quite a few developments, and many positive steps have been taken to ensure that childhoods are not destroyed by the monster of child abuse. One such positive steps…

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01 Jun: Menstruation Matters: Breaking The Silence

Menstruation is one of the oldest and most far-reaching taboos. Especially in India and across South Asia, the reluctance to speak about periods is widespread, resulting in worryingly low education and awareness – particularly among the demographic of adolescent girls, of whom India has some 120 million. A recent study for Menstrual Hygiene Day reported that 1 out of 3 school girls across South Asia was not aware of periods before experiencing one for the first time, and only 2.5% of the same group knew that menstrual blood came from the uterus.  If menstrual hygiene is not given importance,  it will raise the risk of reproductive infections and affect the health of millions of girls who are unaware of the stark consequences.

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06 Apr: Power To Empower – Her Story, Her Voice

When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful. – Malala Yousafzai Our voices are our most powerful weapon. They not only are a source of inspiration but reveal our emotions and depict a story unheard.  With this notion, BBC Radio India graciously joined us on our journey to hear stories of  PROTSAHAN  girls about their life ,…

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03 Feb: Handcrafted Love From Protsahan School

Next time, you are looking for handmade cloth pouches, soft toys, candles, diyas, souveniors to gift your loved ones, will you remember us? Every handicraft item made by a Protsahan woman and a young adolescent girl, symbolizes Empathy, Creativity & Life Skills; the 3 core values of Protsahan.

We’d love to handcraft some love for you!

Here are some of our handicraft products with their price ranges. (Delivery: Within India only)

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03 Feb: Letter from A Protsahan Volunteer

In the photo: Divya Mathias, volunteer from Symbiosis University, teaching English to Ritu at Protsahan “Protsahan: Because Art transforms wounds into hope.” When I first saw this on the Protsahan webpage, I was intrigued and wondered was it really possible. My first day at Protsahan as a volunteer, the girls were taking a photography class, they were going to capture…

21 Jul: Protsahan – A Rejuvenating Experience In Artivism

Art Heals, Protsahan Taught Me How To be yourself in a world always trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. There is another life waiting for you ‘as you step out of the comfort zone’. I had always heard but never experienced, highly grateful to Protsahan for giving me an undoubtedly remarkable and a truly memorable experience…

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19 May: ‘Kilkaariyaan’: How Laughter Walks Around In Protsahan

Internships are an intrinsic part of any B-School curriculum. Abiding by this, we, Anurag Krishnam, Abhinav Singh Raat, Juhi Shukla, Prakhar Verma and Pooja Chowhan introducing ourselves as the new interns at Protsahan India Foundation this summer, traveled down from Greater Noida to a place in Uttam Nagar that changed our perspectives forever. With a to-do list in our mind…

14 Apr: Protsahan’s Girl Warriors Campaign for Safe Public Spaces in Delhi with Safecity!

It had all started as a discussion between Elsa Marie Dsilva (Founder: and Sonal Kapoor (Founder: Protsahan) when they met during their Vital Voices Fellowship Programme in Nepal. Vital Voices is an international organization that invests in extraordinary women who are trying to transform the world, one unique step at a time with sustainable approaches. Vital Voices works with…

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11 Jun: Short-Film Makers Required to Re-write Destinies at PROTSAHAN.

Girls at Protsahan never shy away from a challenge, for their stories always start at extremely complex, difficult points – social rejection and isolation, abuse, discrimination, familial pressures, poverty – but nonetheless, their plot lines are designed to move towards happy endings. For when you’re rewriting your own destiny, with hands held by some of country’s best young people, you…

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08 Jun: Lovebisti @ Protsahan #Volunteering #Stories

After getting a little lost, I nervously waited in front of the landmark given to me and worried about what was expected of me. But soon enough two little girls came to pick me up and I could swear I’d seen them somewhere, but then again, probably not. Khushboo and Fatima effortlessly put me at ease as one explained directions…

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“Stories are the way human beings understand and communicate our deepest values”, Marshall Ganz Across the world, storytelling has been used as an effective means of social change. Tales of great leaders have inspired many more in bringing a revolution.  Cinema for years has been used as a mass medium of storytelling, spreading information and building awareness about social issues….

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24 Jan: National Girl Child Day Celebration

24th January is observed as the National Girl Child Day. Due to lack of stringent rules and their implementation in India, India has the highest Violence Against Children cases. The child sex ratio in the last census was 914 against 1000 males, the lowest recorded since independence. Protsahan has been working for the upliftment of Girl Child for the last…

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10 Dec: Human Rights: Too Much To Ask For?

As we stand in 2013, going ahead towards another year full of promises of progress, we can’t help but stop and reflect back on the disparity created in the society and how it has changed our outlook towards people. 40 million children below that age of 15 are suffering from child abuse and neglect. There are approximately  246 million child…

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03 Dec: Protsahan’s Fight to #ENDViolence! #16Days

As a tribute to the #16days campaign, Protsahan would like to share the story of our 8 beautiful women in the making, fighting the harsh realities of this world and discovering their true selves. Protsahan has just been a facilitator. Protsahan India Foundation is a youth based international non-profit organisation that uses the innovative approaches of Design, Art, Digital Stories,…

14 Oct: Say No to Open Defecation – Filmy Expressions and Pune Walkathon!

Say No to Open Defecation – Filmy Expressions and Walkathon! Project Partners: UNICEF India Execution of all campaign workshops by: PROTSAHAN India Foundation September 29, 2013 Gosavi Basti slum cluster in Pune (at Karve Nagar) is an interesting place, because its resident children and communities comprise some of the most enthusiastic migrant populations you will ever meet. Every Sunday, when…

27 Sep: PROTSAHAN and UNICEF India sound the RED SIREN: Workshops on #ENDViolence (Child Sexual Violence)

Millions of girls in India face obstacles in their lives, experiencing various forms of discrimination, exploitation and abuse on account of their age and their sex. Each year, an increasing number of children in India face sexual violence. Recently, there have been cases of rape that have galvanized global attention and sparked mass demonstrations and widespread debate on the issue…

11 Sep: PROTSAHAN requires Project Coordinators at Delhi!

Employee Designation: Project Coordinator [FULL TIME] Employee Role On appointment to Protsahan India Foundation as Project Coordinator you will be reporting to the Director of Protsahan India Foundation, with the responsibility of managing the operations at Protsahan’s Educare Project at New Delhi. Employee Responsibilities The following are the responsibilities attached to the role.         I.            Project Coordinator Execute and Manage…

23 Jul: PROTSAHAN is looking for 2 Design Fellows 2013-14. here we are hiring! Yeah. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Two very bright and creative [Read: madly creative..yes..that is the level we desire] Young people [Age: 18-30] who have a knack for design and creative thinking [Your NIFT/NID/IDC or design degrees are added advantage, even if you have ever sung Zombie on stage, let us know! We would admire…


 How many times have you looked at the streets and felt sad or angry about the dismal state of  beggars? How many times have you exclaimed, “Poor thing!” OR just rolled up the windows in exasperation? How many times have you blamed the country, the politicians, the mafia or “anyone” for the prevailing issues? It’s a fact that the economic…

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15 Apr: When Colours heal fears ! PROTSAHAN’S Wall Project

[slideshow] “Remember those times, when you splashed buckets of rang chasing your friends and ran infinitely across streets just to take ‘the Gulal revenge’ on your sibling! What frolic and gaiety times they were… We definitely cherish our childhood and always yearned for our children at Protsahan to have wonderful memories of this colorful festival, Holi” Protsahan’s children were thrilled…

20 Feb: Story Telling Festival

Life will go on as long as there is someone to sing, to dance, to tell stories and to listen. Protsahan believes in educating the children of the world through stories. Triggered by that thought Protsahan celebrates an ongoing, neverending Storestival..yes a festival that celebrates the art of story telling with street kids. We have used puppets, props, champaks, stages,…