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COVID-19 Response

Impact of COVID-19 on Girls

COVID-19 has unequivocally disrupted the lives of people in the most marginalized sections of society.
Girls are yet again at the receiving end of this disruption.

As families find it even more difficult to make ends meet, girls have again become ‘the burden’ on the household that’s best married off so that she is someone else’s problem. More so, since the social restrictions have ensured that large gatherings are not possible, weddings will cost less for the parents, and that makes a lucrative incentive for everyone.

“With schools closed, what will the girls do? Let them do the chores.”
“They have to get married one day. Why not now?”
“There’s less for everyone. What would a girl need nutrition for anyway?”

Supporting Our Communities

To support our girls, we first need to support their families through this difficult situation, and make sure that no one is forced to sleep hungry due to the lockdown or due to losing their job.


Your support can help a young girl complete her school education and save her from abuse, forced early marriage, feed a family, and provide critical support to those most harshly impacted by this crisis.

Individuals received hot meals & dry rations
worth of government scheme benefits unlocked for Covid orphans & widows
Urban & Rural communities in 4 different states
Frontline workers trained on psychosocial support
Thousands others still need our help – and we need yours.

Protsahan’s COVID-19 Response

Our Work at the Grassroots

We Need Your Help

Protsahan’s team is working with the most vulnerable girls and their families in marginalized urban slum communities. We need your support to ensure that the girls do not fall off the safety net of education, healthcare, and justice. We need your support to ensure that girls are not married off at an early age because they are considered a burden on the parents when there’s not enough to eat. Most of all, we need your support to ensure dignity of girls is never compromised.

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