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Education (SDG 4)

“If the poor child cannot come to school, the school must go to her.” – Vivekananda

Protsahan focuses on inclusive equitable education for lifelong learning by focusing on non-negotiable School Education (Early Childhood Education & Senior Secondary Education), Empowerment & Entrepreneurship for adolescent girls by reviving their interest in going back to school by introducing joyful learning system based in Protsahan’s HEART approach. The objective of this programme is to provide young girls with accurate, age appropriate and adequate information; promote healthy attitudes and develop life skills to enable them to respond to real-life situations effectively.

Bridge Course & School Support

Children in slums are at higher risk of not enrolling in primary and secondary school, and when they do, are at a higher risk of dropping out. Girls are at a higher disadvantage as the workload of taking care of younger siblings and share of household work largely keeps her out of school. The overall gross enrollment ratio in slums, is lower than the nationwide average. Also, it’s no secret how poor enrollment affects learning outcomes and futures of these marginalised girls.

Protsahan runs a bridge course based on the SCERT curriculum for school dropouts/ out of school girls in Uttam Nagar and using insights from this program supports more grassroot organizations on program structuring to prepare the girls to enroll back successfully in mainstream government schools, closer to where they live. In addition, academic support via tuitions is provided to improve scores in school by focusing on learning outcomes especially in Mathematics, English and Science. Protsahan also very importantly motivates and encourages parents to send their girls to school, and makes whole communities aware of the value of education. We provide textbooks, sample papers, career advice and handhold the young girls with National Open School Exams/ University applications that make a college education an option for this first generation girl learner.

Access to Digital Devices for Education

Gradually as learning moves online in the Covid-hit world, the girls at the bottom rung of the mile, lose out on school homework just because they lack access to smartphones and internet. Sometimes if families from difficult backgrounds have smartphones, it mostly stays with the father or the brother of the household. This gendered apathy pushes the girls even further in accessing lesson plans from school or healthy online learning. Protsahan makes sure girls get access to smartphones, tablets and laptops in the remote spaces so they are not left behind in a cocoon in an otherwise highly connected world.

Awareness & Implementation of Government Schemes

Integrated with the SABLA programme of Govt. of India, Protsahan reaches out to out-of-school adolescent girls to be provided with key information access on their rights and entitlements by the government. Awareness sessions on Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, Kishori Shakti Yojna, Integrated Child Development Scheme, Integrated Child Protection Scheme, CBSE Udaan scheme, etc.are regularly conducted with girls.

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