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Protsahan’s Fight Against Violence! Supporting #16days Star #1




A 12 year old, never stepped our of her home, never had friends, never knew the world beyond her family. With a large family of 4 brothers and 1 sisters, she was never introduced to the outside world. 1st day at Protsahan and she just wanted to run back home. No communications skills, hair all messed up, sitting in the corner all day, Sonam wouldn’t speak a word to anyone.

Protsahan encouraged her to come to the school everyday and just look at what was being taught. Fights with fellow students drove her away from everyone and upset her even more. Until one day, she was made the monitor of the class. Suddenly, she was given a responsibility. The teachers encouraged her and everyone listened to her. She felt the trust of the teachers. She saw things moving her way.

And since that day on, Sonam evolved. No more fighting with the fellow students, she felt responsible. She started taking interest in the activities in the class and became one of the fastest learners. She participated in all the workshops and gave in her best at every task given to her.

Today, 3 years later, Sonam is a budding poet who is very fun loving yet very talented. She jovially pesters her friends a lot and can’t stop giggling when her friends are around. She is curious, responsible and the most empathetic of the lot.

Sonam loves writing poems and slogans. She also loves quilling, an art form that she learnt at Protsahan. She loves visual poetry that she has learnt with us. And she wants to become a teacher when she grows up.

At Protsahan, we give our kids the liberty to bring out their emotions and translate them into any form of art form. A free culture with a little bit of discipline helped Sonam discover her true self and be confident enough to dream big.

Protsahan hopes that she becomes a teacher and teaches many such kids, who deserve a normal childhood.

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