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 ImageHow many times have you looked at the streets and felt sad or angry about the dismal state of  beggars?

How many times have you exclaimed, “Poor thing!” OR just rolled up the windows in exasperation?

How many times have you blamed the country, the politicians, the mafia or “anyone” for the prevailing issues?

It’s a fact that the economic gap, the growing discrepancies between evolving and degrading sections is so stark that it can be labeled as alarming now. While a small portion is growing wealthier, another section of the society is depleting with each passing day. Be it the distinction between nations on a global level or the class distinction in a country. The only change seems to be a dismaying width between the fortunate and less fortunate and the only way to cope up with this situation is respond with change to these changes!

We have envisioned a way to do our bit, to hold some hands and to realize dreams for the less fortunate. We think Socio-Economic growth is the need of the hour! We hope to bridge the gap through our distinct way.

Well! You may say all this talking is easy but implementation is a challenge, the hurdles on the way are so many that the efforts go futile. We agree with you on the challenges faced by change-makers. True! Out of hundred initiatives, only a few foundations are strong enough to build into institutions with time. Our focus here is on such success stories; these stories are like beacons that guide us and are an unending supply of encouragement to strive at what we deeply believe in.

Teach for All, an organization that internationally supports local entrepreneurs who wish to start independent, locally-governed organizations, founded in 2007 has spread all over the world within 5 years of its inception! RARE, an organization involved with sensitizing the need for preservation of the environment has witnessed remarkable success in years. Did we miss something? These organizations thrive primarily on their own funds along with the some support. Initiatives by people of courage who took up a cause passionately, nurtured it through their efforts and unique approach of impact investing. Unlike other NGO’s, they gave people a skill to catch fish instead of fishing it out for them. We stump for this approach because it lionizes individual growth which in turn elevates the entire community to a higher level.

We do not believe in mere philanthropy or what we call charity without a heart. We believe in promoting self sustainability and competitive growth. Unleashing potential untapped talent and giving it a chance to shine, to polish unnoticed opportunities and help them metamorphose into budding self reliant models. Reaching the grass roots of the slums and catalyzing evolution right from the beginning, developing the bottom of the pyramid with a vision to raise the standard of living on a larger scale. Are you able to visualize the big picture with us?

Our kids want support not just sympathy. They want a chance to live a better life, to contribute to the building of a better society. We want you to be a part of this initiative and help in the transformation.

‘Now’, is the time to lead the change….With Protsahan!

-Madhusha Dash

Official Blogger


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