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Anshu is a very bright young adolescent girl who began coming to Protsahan in 2010. By early 2013, she had learnt Kalamkari (an ancient Indian traditional art form) and has beautifully picked up the Warli and Madhubani art forms. She comes from a family where her father is a rag picker and her mother works in an iron factory. One of five children (3 sisters and 2 brothers), she also takes care of domestic work at home and cooks food for everyone. But in the last 3 years, has barely missed her classes at Protsahan. She eagerly looks forward to her time at Protsahan because “main ghar par bore ho jati hu and yahan aa kar bahut kuch karne ko milta hai” (I get bored at home and there are a lot of things to do here).

Anshu is closer to her father and listens to him more. She loves her community teacher at Protsahan a lot and shares her stories with her. She likes drawing and loves eating mangoes. Initially when Anshu was enrolled here at Protsahan, she would stay quiet and not talk to the other teachers and children. Gradually she started opening up through Warli and Madhubani design sessions and now all of the girls are her friends. She loves playing ludo and wants to become a famous Kalamkari artist. After the 10 month bridge course at Protsahan, we admitted her to a nearby government school. She is brilliant in studies and recently scored 92% in her school this year.

Inspired by all the paintings done by her teachers at Protsahan, Anshu now wants to become a painter, go to college and see the world outside. She wants to explore new places, meet new people and have a brand new life for herself. Anshu wants to draw inspiration for her paintings from the world she sees.

We wish Anshu explores the world, lives life on her own terms and uses painting to express herself

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