10 Mar: Acknowledging the ‘Child’ in Child Marriage #GirlsNotBrides

Pune, June,2014 : In keeping with Protsahan’s aim of providing a safe and empathetic environment where issues that affect adolescent girls in urban slums are openly addressed, Protsahan’s Pune chapter kick started a series of workshops addressing child marriage on 29th June. In the interactive session, students confronted big questions about the ethics and effects of child marriage. They found…


14 Apr: Protsahan’s Girl Warriors Campaign for Safe Public Spaces in Delhi with Safecity!

It had all started as a discussion between Elsa Marie Dsilva (Founder: Safecity.in) and Sonal Kapoor (Founder: Protsahan) when they met during their Vital Voices Fellowship Programme in Nepal. Vital Voices is an international organization that invests in extraordinary women who are trying to transform the world, one unique step at a time with sustainable approaches. Vital Voices works with…

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10 Dec: Protsahan’s Fight Against Violence! Supporting #16days Star #5

Fatima Fatima stands true to her name, captivating, charming. When you walk into Protsahan, it is usually hard to ignore Fatima all chirpy and vibrant. Fatima spreads across energy that cheers up everyone. 14 year old Fatima tries to come to Protsahan everyday despite going to school, working at a house nearby, working at her own house and taking her…

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05 Dec: Protsahan’s Fight Against Violence! Supporting #16days Star #2

Kiran The girl whose eyes twinkle like a star in the night sky every time she smiled. That’s how she was spotted by Protsahan from her village. And the delicious mix of naughtiness and curiosity won over our hearts. Kiran joined Protsahan 3 years ago when she was struggling to understand the world around her. Education did not interest her….