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Protsahan’s Fight Against Violence! Supporting #16days Star #2

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The girl whose eyes twinkle like a star in the night sky every time she smiled. That’s how she was spotted by Protsahan from her village. And the delicious mix of naughtiness and curiosity won over our hearts.

Kiran joined Protsahan 3 years ago when she was struggling to understand the world around her. Education did not interest her. But her curiosity helped her discover her true self. Kiran loves experimenting and does it with all her heart. One of the brightest students at Protsahan, Kiran enjoys painting and is very good with spoken and written english. During Protsahan’s workshops, Kiran exhibited her panache for street plays and film making. At a film making workshop to Stop Open Defecation, scripting and shooting the film really caught her fancy, and has motivated her to pursue this further.

Kiran has her unique way of expressing emotions through art and a lot of her paintings reflect her observations of the day-to-day world. For example, a picture in the text book, a scene from the road while walking back from school or a poster of a film becomes the inspiration of  her next paper mache art.

After 3 years at Protsahan, Kiran now confidently stands and gives interviews to news channels.

At Protsahan, we give our kids the freedom to observe and discuss issues with teachers and fellows. We treat no topics as taboos and no topics are swept under the rug.

Kiran is one of the happiest students at Protsahan and we wish to support her wherever her instincts take her.

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