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Protsahan’s Fight Against Violence! Supporting #16days Star #6

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The little bundle of joy, Aanchal is the naughtiest of the lot at Protsahan. And it’s not hard to figure out when she has a mischief on her mind. Her smiles gives it away.

The Happy Face of Protsahan, Aanchal loves studies and also loves irritating her teachers. She loves English and wants to become an English teacher when she grows up. Aanchal has been in Protsahan for the last 6 months and is loving it. She enjoys painting and has picked up Warli in hardly any span of time. Aanchal is an active participant of the workshops conducted at Protsahan and wishes for the film making workshop to happen regularly.

A little lost in the beginning, Aanchal started painting Warli and used painting as a medium to express her thoughts. Her paintings are a reflection of her frame of mind and her colors are the hue of her mood. She has often dreamt of going to the mountains and wet her feet in the rivers passing by.  In many of her paintings, she tries to capture the snow covered peaks. Since the time Aanchal has been painting and doing other workshops at Protsahan, she has become calmer, confident, with an improved sense of communication. She now gathers her thoughts and then frames a sentence to speak. The film making workshop helped Aanchal organize her thoughts, contribute in the script, follow a thought flow and understand  what emotion is to be captured.

No one knows this as yet, but Aanchal really loves to eat Hingoli and Satmola. She always carries a packet in her pocket. We all know what to give her on her next birthday.

We really hope Aanchal discovers her true self without losing her charm and aura.

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