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Screening at BRICS Int’l Film Festival

Having closely witnessed the impact of child marriages on the lives of adolescent girls, Protsahan girls produced a film on Child Marriage with the aim of encouraging conversations within the community. Their film not only had an enormous direct impact on the community but was also selected for the 8th BRICS International Film Festival in New Delhi, 2018. The film was directed, acted and produced by Protsahan girl champions with editing and training support from Big Klick.

Fireflies is a story of a village where girls are married at a very young age on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya as per traditions in some parts of India. The girls stand up to the tyrannical village chief under whose coercion the villagers agree to marry their daughters before they attain the legal marriageable age of 18. The village chief puts forth a series of challenges for the girls that they must overcome to win their right to marry when they want. 

Faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges and obstacles, the girls muster up the courage and come together to go head-on with all the challenges and teach the chief a lesson with their calm demeanour and quick wit.

Watch the full video here on Protsahan’s YouTube channel.

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