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05 Dec: Protsahan’s Fight Against Violence! Supporting #16days Star #2

Kiran The girl whose eyes twinkle like a star in the night sky every time she smiled. That’s how she was spotted by Protsahan from her village. And the delicious mix of naughtiness and curiosity won over our hearts. Kiran joined Protsahan 3 years ago when she was struggling to understand the world around her. Education did not interest her….

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03 Dec: Protsahan’s Fight to #ENDViolence! #16Days

As a tribute to the #16days campaign, Protsahan would like to share the story of our 8 beautiful women in the making, fighting the harsh realities of this world and discovering their true selves. Protsahan has just been a facilitator. Protsahan India Foundation is a youth based international non-profit organisation that uses the innovative approaches of Design, Art, Digital Stories,…


14 Oct: Say No to Open Defecation – Filmy Expressions and Pune Walkathon!

Say No to Open Defecation – Filmy Expressions and Walkathon! Project Partners: UNICEF India Execution of all campaign workshops by: PROTSAHAN India Foundation September 29, 2013 Gosavi Basti slum cluster in Pune (at Karve Nagar) is an interesting place, because its resident children and communities comprise some of the most enthusiastic migrant populations you will ever meet. Every Sunday, when…


27 Sep: PROTSAHAN and UNICEF India sound the RED SIREN: Workshops on #ENDViolence (Child Sexual Violence)

Millions of girls in India face obstacles in their lives, experiencing various forms of discrimination, exploitation and abuse on account of their age and their sex. Each year, an increasing number of children in India face sexual violence. Recently, there have been cases of rape that have galvanized global attention and sparked mass demonstrations and widespread debate on the issue…


23 Mar: Empathy in schools should be as important as Algebra or Subject Verb Agreements.

Reblogged from another Protsahan blog: “Yes. I am passing days fighting my emotions everyday. Yes, I’m a warrior of self created blindfolds. Yes, I’m trying to find my way. Yes, I’m tired of thinking and trying to make the best out of my life. Maybe, I’ve forgotten the importance of feelings, the importance of emotions and the importance of human…



 How many times have you looked at the streets and felt sad or angry about the dismal state of  beggars? How many times have you exclaimed, “Poor thing!” OR just rolled up the windows in exasperation? How many times have you blamed the country, the politicians, the mafia or “anyone” for the prevailing issues? It’s a fact that the economic…

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15 Apr: When Colours heal fears ! PROTSAHAN’S Wall Project

[slideshow] “Remember those times, when you splashed buckets of rang chasing your friends and ran infinitely across streets just to take ‘the Gulal revenge’ on your sibling! What frolic and gaiety times they were… We definitely cherish our childhood and always yearned for our children at Protsahan to have wonderful memories of this colorful festival, Holi” Protsahan’s children were thrilled…