21 Feb: Role of Arts in Gender Transformative Education

Gender transformative education (GTE) is an approach that aims to address and challenge the rigid gender norms and stereotypes that often lead to discrimination and violence. The GTE promotes gender equality and inclusivity by providing individuals with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to question and transform these norms. Art therapy can be an effective tool in the GTE process, as…

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03 Feb: Handcrafted Love From Protsahan School

Next time, you are looking for handmade cloth pouches, soft toys, candles, diyas, souveniors to gift your loved ones, will you remember us? Every handicraft item made by a Protsahan woman and a young adolescent girl, symbolizes Empathy, Creativity & Life Skills; the 3 core values of Protsahan.

We’d love to handcraft some love for you!

Here are some of our handicraft products with their price ranges. (Delivery: Within India only)

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15 Apr: When Colours heal fears ! PROTSAHAN’S Wall Project

[slideshow] “Remember those times, when you splashed buckets of rang chasing your friends and ran infinitely across streets just to take ‘the Gulal revenge’ on your sibling! What frolic and gaiety times they were… We definitely cherish our childhood and always yearned for our children at Protsahan to have wonderful memories of this colorful festival, Holi” Protsahan’s children were thrilled…