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A World of Magical Possibilities

School is the path, education is the journey.

This Festive Season, join Protsahan India Foundation in empowering 100 Girls to make their own magical possibilities come true. Be the power that brings a monumental change in the lives of adolescent girls fighting child labour, transactional sex, abuse, child marriage, and begging in their everyday lives, and empower them as they take their first steps towards a school.

raised out of Total Goal of 10 Lakhs

Help us reach more Friend of Protsahan. Share this today with someone who wishes to be a Changemaker!

Your contributions will make a huge difference in a young girl’s life
₹ 12,500

covers a year’s costs for providing academic tuition, critical social security coverage through direct linkages with government schemes, digital & financial literacy training, and long-term trauma counselling cost for 1 child. We aim to support 50 girl champions.

₹ 10,000

provides one-time, digital devices (tablets) for 20 academically high-performing girl champions and children in the community who are transitioning from street to school.

₹ 6,000

as one-time need-based scholarships for 30 girl champions from marginalised communities, to cover the cost of their exam registration fees, medical and sanitary supplies, travel, mobile internet packs, and more for them to stay in school in spite of pressing challenges at home.

Be a Change Maker in the life of an adolescent girl, gift her a future today.

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