Barefoot Basti

A digital photography campaign called Barefoot Basti Happiness campaign was launched in July 2011 at Protsahan. It involved 6 highly talented photographers from Delhi who conceptualized and evolved a photo essay in some of the most remote red light districts and slum interiors where Protsahan works.

Tanushree Dutta, Anidra Hom Chaudhari, Anupama Nimish Dubey and 3 other volunteer photographers from Delhi University were the lead photographers on the project. It involved training the young girls at Protsahan with the basics of photography for about 21 days. Subsequently, they ventured out into their community slums to digitally capture the problems of the community, as young journalists with a voice.

The young girls at Protsahan clicked their family photographs and hung them on the walls of their homes. They created digital stories and involved their communities. The beautiful imagery helped to show the outside world the squalor that these children and forced to live in. Under the guidance of able photographers, the young girls found confidence in making their voices heard and captured community life within the boundaries of the artistic lens. The photography and technical skills the girls acquired would not have been possible without this campaign, and could these children well in the future.

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