Project Stree

We at Protsahan combine traditional and modern ideas to spread awareness amongst women of marginalized backgrounds by organising design oriented workshops to render survival skills. Some of our major projects include and are not limited to production of sanitary napkins, terracotta jewelry, cushion covers, designer earthen lamps and so on. We use simplicity of design, technology and art to churn out simple usable products at the level of urban slums.

Our aim is to free the youth and women from the shackles of compulsively forced circumstances such as sexual abuse, human-trafficking, child labour etc. We believe that a happy and empowered woman changes the dynamics of her family, thereby adding to the happiness quotient of her household and the country. Our vision is to turn the tables on the oft-used nomenclature ‘slumdogs’ into 'slumgods' and prove to society that it's not farcical to trust an uneducated and overlooked woman to bring about the dawn of a revolutionary perspective. We hope to spread confidence and smiles manifold by touching the lives of as many slums as possible across Delhi and eventually country wide.

Protsahan teaches underprivileged women how to control their own fertilities and pregnancies instead of relying on nature or the whims of their mates. We show them how they can get access to resources that can further help them, as well giving them advice and education on family planning. We try to break centuries of superstition and backward thinking to help these women create happy and healthy lives for themselves and subsequently for their families. We work with communities to help provide safe and private access to toilets and bathing areas. We also educate our women and girls on having healthy relationships and on the dangers of physical, sexual and psychological abuse. Basic self defense and self confidence are important lessons to be learnt by the vulnerable women living in unsafe slums.

Under Project Stree, Protsahan holds highly innovative slum panchayats and micro-entrepreneurship training workshops to give voice to young women on their rights of gender equality and health.