Project Lightbulb

Where Volunteers Contribute Expert Life Skills - The Spokes

Project Lightbulb invites experts and volunteers from diverse professions and backgrounds to ignite the spark of lateral thinking among our girls while giving them vocational and entrepreneurial life skills. During the past year, Protsahan has hosted professionals and volunteers who did workshops on photography, baking, performing arts, film making, jewelry and clothes designing, and computers. Under this program, the girls of Protsahan have written, produced, directed, edited, and acted in a film, titled Firefly, that brings attention to the issue of child marriage. The entire process was crowdfunded with the help of filmmakers and media professionals who worked closely with our girls to encourage them and show them the intricacies of the process of film making.

Initiatives Under Project Lightbulb
  • Photography workshops
  • Film Making workshops
  • Baking workshops
  • Film screenings and art appreciation workshops
  • ‘Design For Change’ workshops
  • Theater workshops
  • Indian classical dance therapy workshops
  • Henna workshops
  • Mandala art therapy workshops
  • Zentangle art therapy workshops

Many of our girls had on previous occasions, shown a very keen interest in photography, Madhubani and Warli art, theater and dance productions at Protsahan. However, given the circumstances of the community they live in, they never had the opportunity to be entrusted with gadgets, or pursue arts. The objective of these workshops under Project Lightbulb was to change all that. However, the girls got a lot more than just a few skills and exposure to arts. They also learned about empathy, finding creative solutions to local problems within their community, and explore their hidden reserves of talent, passion and strength to take on various life challenges.