Project Innocence

Giving Scale And Replicability to Protsahan’s Work - The Spokes

Project Innocence is our outreach program that imbibes our learnings and findings of last decade from Project Educare, and is redesigned with the HEART Principle to work in partnership with institutions and organizations to empower their children in understanding, recognizing, and advocating against child abuse with a strong focus on fighting child sexual abuse. Project innocence is designed to give scale and replicability to Protsahan’s work by transferring our knowledge in fighting against child abuse, and in healing and transforming the lives of thousands of children and adolescents at-risk of abuse.

Under this project, we have held hundreds of workshops in partnership with organizations and institutions like the Tihar Prison School, Future Ties, Centro de Trabajadores Unidos, public schools in Chicago, and several Government schools in collaboration with Teach For India in Mumbai and Chennai.

A strong focus on psycho-social healing using music therapy based meditations is an integral part of these workshops that are aimed at children and adolescents with a history of childhood trauma caused by violence, abuse, or neglect.

Project Innocence has been successful in bringing mental health combining art and music therapy to heal fears, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame, and bring spirituality to heal broken childhoods of thousands of young people in prisons, survivors of child trafficking, and children and adolescents who’ve survived extreme injustice, and abuse.