Project Educare

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Project Educare is our unique grassroots-direct action based program. Based in the dense slum of Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, Protsahan works with at-risk girls of this community, many of whom, unfortunately, have been direct survivors of abuse while the others are at a constant high risk of abuse.

The program follows the HEART Principle to empower the girls through education based on art and creativity. We believe that to break free from an unending cycle of violence and abuse, and be truly empowered, the girls must heal their past and receive the right education. When the program was started in 2010, almost none of the girls from this community were allowed to go to school. Today, the program has helped us raise awareness among the parents and the girls that their education is more important than an early marriage. As a result, the parents now take an active interest in their education and many of our girls are at the top of their classes.

Issues We Address

  • Child abuse
  • Incest
  • Education & Schooling
  • Child Marriage
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Menstrual Hygiene
  • Body Shaming

Addressing child abuse is not about fighting against one social issue. The source of the problem lies in people’s mindsets that girls are somehow less important for the family. As a result, girls are subjected to a systemic suppression of their thoughts, voices, and are not allowed to explore avenues of education and economic empowerment. This, often combined with sexual abuse, becomes a reason for the girls to resign themselves to their fate in a system that protects the abuser.

Education, therefore, is the most powerful tool for them to break away from this systemic cycle of abuse, neglect, and oppression, and turn themselves into strong, independent survivors, not victims.

How We Do It

Project Educare works with girls from pre school till high school, and every undertaking of this program applies the HEART Principle at every stage. We use photography to learn science, art to learn geometry, we meditate, we use art as a form of healing and self expression, we learn robotics from the internet, we dance, we learn and understand the importance of being happy.

  • Awareness about protection from child abuse, inclusive of self protection, circle of trust, laws and family empowerment
  • Holistic development of girls in all domains – cognitive, affective and psychomotor in a harmonious manner
  • Healing and counseling
  • Strengthening the community and creating an environment friendly for talking and disclosure
  • Play-based curriculum, child-friendly, joyful activities for skill development
  • Development of readiness skills for schooling by giving each child individual attention and quality time
  • Facilitation of comprehensive child care supports, infrastructure and services aimed at holistic well-being of children, and responsive to their developmental needs
  • Personality development and self love
  • Awareness of laws and rights against child abuse
  • Self-defense and self-preservation against abuse