A social enterprise that uses creative education and art innovation to empower street children & young adolescent girls

Protsahan's Creative Street Micro Entrepreneurs

Out of 570 global organizations, United Nations Women Singapore and MasterCard Foundation chose the young and creative Protsahan India Foundation to execute this project to churn out 100 creative slum girl micro entrepreneurs. Under this project girls rescued from points of vulnerability and abuse, from streets and slums are being trained to become artists, filmmakers, community teachers and creative micro entrepreneurs. Read More

Project Educare

Project Educare believes in bridging the last mile, not with charity, but with Creative Education and Skills Development through innovative approaches of Design, Art, Stories, Photography, Theatre and Cinema to foster Creative Education and Sustainable Livelihoods. Read More

Stree” in Sanskrit means “woman”

We at Protsahan combine traditional and modern ideas to spread awareness amongst women of marginalized backgrounds by organising design oriented workshops to render survival skills. Some of our major projects include and are not limited to production of sanitary napkins, terracotta jewelry, cushion covers, designer earthen lamps and so on. Read More

CSR and Partnerships

250 million girls live in poverty in the developing world. To reach them all, Protsahan realizes the crucial importance of collaborations and partnerships. Protsahan believes in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and strives to encourage this moral and ethical obligation in the young people we come across. CSR is a way of teaching the young and privileged the benefits of giving something of themselves back to their communities and the importance and empathy, hard work, and understanding. We believe CSR is one of the many ways we can better our societies and encourage young people to take some time from their lives to experience rich and rewarding experiences through volunteerism. Read More

NGO Workshops

To reach scale in our projects, Protsahan constantly holds several creativity & innovation workshops using technology & design for social change. In the past many workshops on the following issues have been organized by our team with partner organisations. Read More

Project Artisan Honour

India's artisans are the bridges we have to transport heritage and craft from extremely skilled pairs of hands to the market place where they unfortunately fail to reach their truest value and worth. These extremely skilled artisans are languishing and dying of hunger in many corners of India. Read More

Gender & Sexual Violence Peer Training Project

Trainings on the understanding of Gender and Sexual Violence and Child Abuse to young children and adolescent girls are provided under the Gender & Sexual Violence Peer Training Project. Using our 5 pillar creativity approach Protsahan combines different facets of technology, design, art, cinema and digital stories to customize and conduct these trainings. Read More

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