Protsahan has a unique way of designing, implementing, and advocating our interventions. The goal is not to just talk about abuse. We want our impact to be far more significant than traditional methods of action and advocacy. For this very reason, we devised a common thread that runs across every step we take, ever campaign we run, and every child we reach out to, a thread that enables us to get that lasting impact. We call it the HEART Principle.

The HEART Principle

We use this model as a tool to help bring children out of their shells, and into a healthy learning environment. It combines the study and use of five pillars of Healing, Education, Art, Recovery, and Technology.

Together, these five pillars ignite the spark of interest in young children rescued from vulnerable and abusive circumstances. The children we reach out to have usually never attended a formal school. By using innovative and hands on approaches to teaching them social and educational skills, the children start learning and adapting subconsciously, all while having fun.

These techniques are used to initiate the children in a ten-month-long bridge course. Once basic training is completed, the young child is enrolled in a government school and is usually able to join the 5th or the 6th grade directly. While attending the government school the child can choose to continue to attend Protsahan, which is right inside her slum area, and can continue to learn creative arts in a supportive environment. These skills include Madhubani and Warli art, working with iPad and laptops, Bharatnatyam traditional dance, film making, DSLR Photography, theatre, along with a better understanding of gender rights and menstrual hygiene through digital storytelling.

In a Protsahan classroom, these five essentials are at the heart of everything we undertake.

Healing through guided meditation
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Smiles all around
Learning to use technology to their advantage