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250 million girls live in poverty in the developing world. To reach them all, Protsahan realizes the crucial importance of collaborations and partnerships. Protsahan believes in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and strives to encourage this moral and ethical obligation in the young people we come across. CSR is a way of teaching the young and privileged the benefits of giving something of themselves back to their communities and the importance and empathy, hard work, and understanding. We believe CSR is one of the many ways we can better our societies and encourage young people to take some time from their lives to experience rich and rewarding experiences through volunteering.

Many companies already have programmes that encourage employees to volunteer in their communities. We welcome any help and support from these and ask them to reach out to Protsahan.

​Protsahan aims to reach out to millions of young adolescent girls across the country using help from our corporate partnerships. We instruct our partners on the use of the creative technologies of digital stories, design and traditional art to reach out and change the lives of young girls. Thus, without creating parallel infrastructure, we can train and reach out to young girls through collaborative consortiums at the grassroots level. Using Madhubani art, we talk about gender equality. Using Warli art, we talk about trigonometry and geometry. Using digital stories and cinema, we have talked about road safety. Using clay and origami techniques, we have done creative workshops on bullying and child sexual abuse. Using art based therapy, we have helped children with substance abuse issues become addiction free.

Protsahan has reached out to thousands of young children through its creativity workshops across India and Singapore. These workshops are conducted at private and public schools, government schools, other grassroots NGOs. These groups work with destitute children and young adolescents children with autism and other disabilities. We work with our partner organizations across the length and breadth of the country to help the marginalized. These are done in accordance with Protsahan’s HEART Principle to bring mass impact.

The activities we organise are sponsored by the CSR arms of corporations or the institutions or organisations themselves. Our partners in the past have included several Delhi Government institutions, PVR Cinemas, Panasonic, Airtel, Accenture, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Macquarie Bank, Sunlife Financial, Wipro, Google, Konica Minolta, Times of India Group, Hindustan Times, Alcatel, Wave Infratech and many more.

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