A social enterprise that uses creative education and art innovation to empower street children & young adolescent girls

Protsahan has a unique and creative work culture. We focus on three core organisational values that we have come to realise are essential in ensuring our success. These are empathy, creativity and innovation, and sustainability and entrepreneurship.


At Protsahan we work face to face with the children we help, so there is no chance for us to ever have the ability to minimize or idealize the situations we work so hard to change. It is easy to forget to put yourself in another’s shoes and to become callous or hard hearted if you routinely work with the same problems every day. We reject these behaviours and yet recognize them so our courageous volunteers can work with confidence to create safe and fulfilling environments for our children. We form close and sometimes difficult connections with those we help, but we recognise the importance of what we do and encourage ourselves to see the big picture. This process can be a very personal and intense journey for some, but with the ability to empathise and get one’s mind into the right perspective, empathy can be the most powerful tool to help the underprivileged.

Creativity and Innovation

Our volunteers are usually young or young at heart people who are hungry to better their society and are not afraid to get their hands dirty working towards these goals. Our workers continuously brainstorm for new ideas and methods to help our methods grow and diversify as Protsahan does too. We believe that there is always a better way to do something, we just haven’t found it yet! Yet we work at this every day and learn from each other and our collective experiences. We foster a casual and open work environment where every opinion and every idea is valued and explored.

Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

Protsahan has a strong business acumen, which ensures that we do not take steps without first analysing the impact a step could have on the organisation and the children we help. We openly conduct feasibility studies to solidify our ideas and provide a firm foothold to grow our programs and workshops. Many of our volunteers as well as our founder and other key team members come from a business background and are thus qualified to ensure that Protsahan is protected and flourishing. These valuable players also bring with them a sense of entrepreneurship which ensures that Protsahan is always using cutting edge methods and technologies to achieve our goals at a feasible price point.