A social enterprise that uses creative education and art innovation to empower street children & young adolescent girls

A lack of education propagates the cycles of poverty that families in the under privileged sections of society face. Protsahan sees the importance of adapting conventional educational teaching methods to children living in difficult conditions. These children are usually not receptive to rote learning due to the difficult environments that surround them. We use our '5 Pillars' of Creativity Approach by incorporating the creative arts and technology in the process of learning, making it a fun filled activity. We also weave into our curriculum some basic life skills that can help educate our children on how to navigate through their circumstances and acquire their basic rights. These skills are perhaps the most important tools we can give these children. Functional literacy is more important than some people may think, and it is the cornerstone to a student’s academic and, potentially, professional success.

Without the basic ability to understand simple reading material, students cannot absorb information from textbooks for study purposes, nor do they easily comprehend general literature for functional use or pleasure. These children are at a great disadvantage in all areas of learning; from elementary school and throughout their adult lives.

We also come across children with varied disabilities who are often abandoned or abused by their families. We also see disabled children whose families do not have access to resources to help them. We use various technologies in our classrooms to help children with disabilities to communicate, learn and simply come out of their shells by showing them that they are being valued and have worthiness in their abilities.

Protsahan finds that all children who lack parental or societal care require empathy and psychological support, protection from violence and abusive circumstances. In 2013, Protsahan along with UNICEF took part in the End Violence Campaign. We at Protsahan believe that we can all contribute to protecting our children.

It is important that children get many different opportunities to help them learn. That is why at Protsahan, our main aim is to:

  • Enhance the profitability/viability of learners' income-generating activities through improved functional literacy skills using highly CREATIVE approaches combining various aspects of Art and Technology.
  • Provide learners with appropriate knowledge for self-fulfilment, poverty alleviation and improved living standards by conducting grassroots engagement workshops.
  • Enhance the social networking capacity of programme participants.
  • Promote community development by collaborating with other grassroots organizations and international development bodies through our essence of innovation workshops.
  • Promote child attendance in school by raising enthusiasm by use of creative techniques very effectively stressing the importance of education.