Gender & Sexual Violence Peer Training Project

Trainings on the understanding of Gender and Sexual Violence and Child Abuse to young children and adolescent girls are provided under the Gender & Sexual Violence Peer Training Project. Using our 5 pillar creativity approach Protsahan combines different facets of technology, design, art, cinema and digital stories to customize and conduct these trainings. Trainings are based on art based therapy approaches which involve transformation of communities by fostering their creative and innovative capacities and simultaneously cultivating a new generation of creative citizens. The pedagogy, equipment and teaching materials in the training programmes are specially designed at Protsahan. First days of training are designed to increase the participants' knowledge and understanding of concept of gender and gender based violence. It also lays emphasis on familiarizing participants with legal frameworks, both national & international, that address gender based violence. The second day involves a closer look at sexual exploitation and abuse using art based creative approaches to break taboo and hesitation and generate dialogue and interactive participation & sharing of personal stories of resilience with empathy. It is ensured that participants crucially understand the significance of reporting abuse and identification of potential vulnerabilities and can learn concrete strategies and response to risks to address these vulnerabilities. Protsahan understands that discussions of sexual abuse and exploitation can be extremely emotional and intensely personal and as such these trainings and workshops are conducted with limited number of participants at a given point in time and with utmost empathy & sensitivity.

Workshops like these and many more, also help us become more scalable and sustainable with our work.

Other extremely interesting workshops on Child Health & Nutrition, workshops on campaigns against Child Marriage, Creative Livelihoods, Environement are also conducted by our peer educators & community trainers.

For more on these, you could drop a mail at and contact us at 9540781011.