A social enterprise that uses creative education and art innovation to empower street children & young adolescent girls

We all live in a nation where half of the population accepts that the other half doesn’t use a toilet. As a result everyone’s health and dignity is at risk; whether we use a toilet or not. This can’t be right. Know More

To promote intensive awareness raising of society as a whole, communities, parents, teachers, and children themselves, PROTSAHAN India Foundation implemented innovative workshops across India in 2013 to #ENDViolence with UNICEF India. Know More

A digital photography campaign called Barefoot Basti Happiness campaign was launched in July 2011 at Protsahan. It involved 6 highly talented photographers from Delhi who conceptualized and evolved a photo essay in some of the most remote red light districts and slum interiors where Protsahan works. Know More

Madhubani painting is a typical form of artwork seen mostly in the Indian state of Bihar. We found this form of art simple yet beautiful enough for the children we worked with to learn and enjoy. The vibrant colours, symmetrical shapes and beautiful designs used in Madhubani art are helpful in teaching the children the basics of colour, design, and geometry. Know More

CineArt is our way of making education on social issues fun and entertaining, yet getting the message driven home into young minds. We used the creativity of theater, design, cinema, photography, technology, art and music! Partnering with PVR Cinemas (PVR NEST) for our offline CineArt events across Delhi, we spread awareness on the issues of road safety in the Road Safety Campaign of 2012. Know More

Slum Panchayats are an innovative and fun platform for women living in the slums of India to speak and find solutions to the issues plaguing them. Panchayats are one of the oldest forms of local self government in India and one that could easily be introduced to the slums with community acceptance. Know More

Protsahan believes in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and strives to encourage this moral and ethical obligation in the young people we come across. CSR is a way of teaching the young and privileged the benefits of giving something of themselves back to their communities and the importance and empathy, hard work, and understanding. Know More

In the Smart Phone Video Volunteers initiative, young adolescent girls and boys are encouraged to make films on issues of social relevance plaguing their own communities using smart phones video cameras. Know More

“Badi Didi” means “big sister” in Hindi. Our Didis are those little girls that Protsahan first helped 3 years ago. These girls have grown into adolescent superstars who are proficient in filmmaking, photography, and traditional artwork such as Madhubani, Kalamkari and Warly. Know More

Renowned comedians including Rajneesh Kapoor, Neeti Palta, Abhijeet Ganguly, Yadvinder Brar and Sanjay Rajoura helped support the young Protsahan team to raise funds for project Educare. Know More

Protsahan’s Women Micro Entrepreneurs initiative started with teaching women how to make candles and designer diyas (traditional clay oil lamps) in the urban slums of Delhi in 2010. The pilot project comprised of 8 women. Know More