A social enterprise that uses creative education and art innovation to empower street children & young adolescent girls


Protsahan offers internships in Delhi throughout the year for periods of 1, 3 or more months. Students from all over the world have interacted, brainstormed and worked at the grass roots level to bring about change using our core content and their own personal skills at Protsahan.

Contact us with your CV and preferred scope of internship at and Please note that internships are provided under the following areas,

  • Graphic Design
  • Content and Documentation of our work (Photography & Video)
  • Fundraising
  • Theme Based Creative Workshops in Communities where we work

After the successful completion of an internship, the intern is awarded an official certificate of appreciation. Any involvement of less than a month’s duration does not guarantee a certificate.


Protsahan believes in Corporate Social Responsibility and thus encourages volunteers from any company or corporation that is interested. We also encourage anyone with time or resources on their hands to think about giving something back to the children we help.

At Protsahan, volunteers are channeled in the areas of Protsahan events, campaigns & drives, resource mobilisation & fundraising, and the implementation & execution of programmes & projects like Project Educare, Project Stree and Project Artisan Honour.

We find that volunteers bring in a variety of ideas, skills and energy to take these programmes to the next level. They help spread the word to more people and help the organisation do more work within our limited budget and resources. The specific tasks that they could be involved in include:

  • Fundraising & Resource mobilization
  • Research & Documentation
  • Awareness & Advocacy
  • Event assistance
  • Curriculum Development & Creation of teaching aids
  • Designing (Graphics & Content)

The specific skills and qualities volunteers could have to contribute to any of the above areas are:

  • Excellent Communication Skills – written, oral, photography, film-making, social media
  • Designing – graphic, textile
  • Creative arts
  • Public Relations & Event coordination

We expect our volunteers to have an undying commitment and passion for the cause Protsahan stands for. Our volunteers should have the creativity and ability to think outside the box and an eagerness and humility to learn as well.

As a token of our appreciation we can provide a personalized letter of reference or a certificate when required.