A social enterprise that uses creative education and art innovation to empower street children & young adolescent girls

Protsahan uses its 5 Pillars of Creativity Approach to impart basic educational as well as job based skills to the children we teach. This will help them in their overall character development as well as in obtaining a livelihood. While teaching the basics of mathematics and reading, our creative techniques also teach our children vocational skills such as traditional art, classical dance, photography and filmmaking. We feel it is important to give under privileged children the tools to break out of the cycles of poverty that usually leads to begging, domestic labour, prostitution and so on. The entrepreneurial skills we teach are crucial in allowing these children and their families to earn decent livelihoods through the formation of small cottage industries. These new sources of income create wealth that families could use it to better their circumstances through acquiring more education and better living conditions. This can result in the upward mobility of the lower classes to help grow into a larger and wealthier middle class, thus positively impacting the economy.

We at Protsahan try our level best to bring out the leadership qualities in children, which would help them in future endeavours. We believe that it is important to make children self sufficient so that they are able to survive and thrive well. We push our children to take steps towards being not only entrepreneurs, but successful ones. Our use of technology reaches more children than conventional charitable methods would, as we break through the barriers of poverty, disability and abuse by teaching hands on, practical skills.