A social enterprise that uses creative education and art innovation to empower street children & young adolescent girls

Protsahan seeks to protect the children it helps from the evils of abuse and violence. Unfortunately, abuse comes in varied forms and we seek to educate society on the abuses that our children face. Child labour, a form of abuse, is often ignored and is even regarded as a societal norm in India. Approximately 16% of children between the ages of 5-16 are engaged in child labour, especially in developing countries. Wealthier people routinely and illegally use under aged children as domestic help. Many of these children are not abused or expressly exploited, but the consequences of child labour are vast and impactful. Working children often do not continue to receive any sort of education. This propagates the cycle of illiteracy and poverty their families face as it ensures the child will never rise from his or her circumstances.

Children living in poverty are often the victims of child trafficking. These children are bought and sold into relative slavery and can be sexually trafficked and exploited in other violent ways. These children tend to disappear from normal society and their lives hold little to no value to those who abuse them. Protsahan sometimes comes across such children and actively works towards seeking justice and providing freedom to them.

We also come across children with varied disabilities who are often abandoned or abused by their families. We also see disabled children whose families do not have access to resources to help them. We use various technologies in our classrooms to help children with disabilities to communicate, learn and simply come out of their shells by showing them that they are being valued and have worthiness in their abilities.

Protsahan finds that all children who lack parental or societal care require empathy and psychological support, protection from violence and abusive circumstances. In 2013, Protsahan along with UNICEF took part in the End Violence Campaign. We at Protsahan believe that we can all contribute to protecting our children.