Project Artisan Honour

India's artisans are the bridges we have to transport heritage and craft from extremely skilled pairs of hands to the market place where they unfortunately fail to reach their truest value and worth. These extremely skilled artisans are languishing and dying of hunger in many corners of India. Under Project Artisan Honour, Protsahan adopts several artisan families, buys their produce at fair trade prices and provides them a market access. Protsahan provides artisans with customized designs which they work on using their specific skills. Artisans are also invited to come train our street children under creative micro entrepreneurial programmes.

For us at Protsahan, brick-layers, copper smiths, ceramists, glassblowers or weavers are as talented as the next Mr. Joseph or Ms. Mary working for a Fortune 500 organisation. That the worth between these two types of occupation in monetary terms is highly disparate is the result of an unfortunate turn of events our economy has brought us to. Protsahan believes in an ecological balance where we bring the two occupational clusters together and fill the gaps.

We have mobilised interest in Generation iPad by organising Artisan festivals at upscale work places and universities in the cities of Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Bangalore, India to showcase and sell handicrafts on a regular basis. This is all done under the brand Protsahan to give recognition to our umbrella of creativity. We liaise with a host of artisans from across India and play with the idea of design with their products to cater to the needs of the urban market.

Not only has Protsahan been able to help out artisans in need with this project, but we have also been able to instill dignity and self sustainability within our organisation. 50% of revenues generated in this project are used to support languishing artisans and the remaining 50% are utilised in sustaining our schools and other projects. Our vision is to encourage art, craft and heritage. Artisan products reach the urban masses to serve as a two-pronged approach by nourishing the cause of other projects.