A social enterprise that uses creative education and art innovation to empower street children & young adolescent girls

According to UNFPA (2013), 47% of girls in India are married before the age of 18. With such rising numbers, India’s child marriage problem is a globally recognised issue that has been prominent since ancient times. There are prevalent beliefs regarding the inferiority of the girl child and the desire for families to get rid of the perceived financial burdens pertaining to raising a daughter. Families try to achieve what they believe would be an economic boon by marrying off their daughters as soon as possible in a process which sometimes resembles the sale of livestock. Protsahan works with adolescent girls and their families to try and educate and protect them from this injustice. Child marriage can result in pregnancy before a girl’s body is fully developed and ready to handle the effects of pregnancy and childbirth. The likelihood of a girl being infected with HIV/AIDs and other sexually transmitted diseases, or being subjected to domestic violence also increases with child marriage. All these factors contribute directly to poor mental, physical and maternal health, which in turn damages the financial well being of families and the societies they belong to. Protsahan exists to break this cycle by educating families on these facts that contradict what they might currently believe. We also educate adolescent girls on their rights and counsel them on how to seek help if they are faced with difficult situations. Protsahan hopes to help India get closer to eradicating child marriage by empowering the young girls themselves through the power of technology and creative arts. Protsahan also believes in bringing a change in society by changing their views as well as in making them see the harm child marriage causes.